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Chopin Etudes Study Score Transcriptions

This edition of four Chopin etudes presents a reductive analytical approach to the teaching and learning of advanced keyboard works. The reductive analytical approach reveals multiple layers of melodic, harmonic, and formal relationships and schemata. This layered learning process is from the "inside out" or from the less difficult background and middleground layers to the more florid and challenging foreground layer as represented by the composer's original score.

This approach fosters good reading skills in that the student is encouraged to see groups and patterns of notes as opposed to individual pitches; seeing words rather than just individual letters. The fingering patterns and often wider spacings are practiced early on in "blocked" position and at a comfortable or slower tempo to secure finger memory and to become more aware of the frequent and, at times, awkward changes in register. (The student should be reminded that choice and consistency of fingering is a primary concern as well as a prerequisite for accuracy and facility in difficult or fast passages.)

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